Short term projects

In addition to the projects which Centre for Education Policy implements, on its own or in cooperation with other institutions, CEP also conducts commissioned analyses, produces reports for various institutions and organisations and supports relevant initiatives in the field of education. On this page, we provide the list of these activities.

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Study "Mapping Positions on Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications of Doctors of Medicine, Dentists, Architects and Civil Engineers"

Alternative Reporting for the Implementation of the Action Plan for Chapter 23

Coordination of the data collection and preparation of the report under the Torino Process for Serbia in 2014 (2014/2015)

Click here to download the report.

Coordination of the working group 25 and 26 (Science and Research; Education and Culture) within the National Convention on the European Union (2014 - 2017)

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Support to the Programme: Participation of Serbia in the Open Method of Coordination (OMC) of the European Union in Education and Training (2014/2015)

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Brouchure Supporting the Education of Children from Impoverished Backgrounds (2014)

Evaluation of the Delivery of Improved Local Services Project - DILS (2013/2014)

Mapping Teacher Policies in Serbia (2013)

Evaluation study of the Task Force Capacity Building Mobility Programme for Regional Cooperation (2013)

Demand Assessment on Establishment of Integrated University in Uzice (2013)

Click here to download the study (available in Serbian).

Assistance in data collection instrument preparation and data analysis (2012)

Overview on the procedures and obstacles to foreign qualifications recognition in Serbia (2012)
Support for quality assurance within the national primary and secondary education examination system (2012)
Mapping Regional Capacities for Evidence-based Policy Making in Education in South Eastern Europe (2012)

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Assessment of Integrity/Corruption in the Serbian Education System (2011)
Review of the Secondary Education in Serbia (2010)