Educational Inclusion of Roma Children: report on the monitoring of primary education

15 July 2013

Centre for Education Policy has recently published the study entitled “Educational Inclusion of Roma Children: report on the monitoring of primary education.” This study represents one of the results of research realised in the framework of the project "Monitoring of Inclusive Education" and it provides an analysis of the existing education policy measures aimed at increasing the social inclusion of primary education.

While the methodological framework employed in this study can be utilised in the creation of the monitoring framework of inclusive education at the national level, the empirical part of the study aims at estimating the inclusion of indicators such as absenteeism, attrition and academic achievement of children from socially deprived backgrounds. Moreover, factors such as failure and success in the implementation of education policy measures aimed at inclusive education have been analysed.

The results show that much has been done in terms of increasing inclusiveness in primary schools, but also that still a great deal can be done in the implementation of existing education policies. The research results also provide a basis for the formulation of further education policy measures that can enhance inclusiveness in primary education.

The publicacion (in Serbian only) can be downloaded here.