Our library is a collection of more than 2.000 reference books on sociology, economics, governance and other areas of education policy, research methods, as well as other relevant topics. Most books are either in English or Serbian, with a number of titles in other languages. The library can be browsed through the online catalogue on this page.

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Title Author Publication year In stock
Tourism Projecting Visions accross the Adrion Multy-City Alessio Erioli
Eleonora Modde
Giorgio Praderio
2005 Yes
Towards a cartography of higher education policy change Jürgen Enders
Frans van Vught
2007 Yes
Towards a European Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning 2005 Yes
Towards a New Model of Governance for Universities? Dietmar Braun
François-Xavier Merrien
1999 Yes
Towards Best Practice 2000 Yes
Towards EU-Membership Barbara Lippert
Peter Becker
1998 Yes
Towards Knowledge Societies 2005 Yes
Tradicionalna pravda i tumačenje književnosti :srpski primer Dejan Ilić 2011 Yes
Trainers in continuing VET: emerging competence profile 2013 Yes
Trajnost i promena Predrag J. Marković 2012 Yes
Transformations in Personhood and Culture After Theory Cristie McDonald and Gary Wihl Yes
Transforming education through teacher leadership David Frost 2014 Yes
Transforming Higher Education Maurice Kogan
Marianne Bauer
Ivar Bleiklie
Mary Henkel
2000 Yes
Transition - The First Ten Years 2002 Yes
Transition in Education Péter Radó 2001 Yes
Tranzicija deceniju posle Laslo Sekelj
Jovan Teokarević
2004 Yes
Tranziona pravda Ruti G.Teitel, sa engleskog preveli Dejan Ilić i Slobodanka Glišić 2014 Yes
Treba braniti društvo Mišel Fuko 1998 Yes
Trend in Learning Structures in High Education 1999 Yes
Trend IV Sybille Reichert
Christian Tauch
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