Our library is a collection of more than 2.000 reference books on sociology, economics, governance and other areas of education policy, research methods, as well as other relevant topics. Most books are either in English or Serbian, with a number of titles in other languages. The library can be browsed through the online catalogue on this page.

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Title Author Publication year In stock
The roma education Christina Mc Donald
Judit Kovacs
Csaba Fenyies
2001 Yes
The Second World War Krešimir Erdelja 2005 Yes
The Social Construction of Europe Antje Wiener
Knud Erik Jørgensen
Thomas Christiansen
2001 Yes
The Sociology of Education and Work David B. Bills 2004 Yes
The State of Children in Serbia 2006 2007 Yes
The Teaching and learning International Survey 2013 Yes
The Technology of Transition David A. Dyker 1997 Yes
The Textbook Controversy: Issues, Aspects and Perspectives John G. Herlihy Yes
The Third Revolution Harold Perkin 1996 Yes
The Tools of Government in the Digital Age Christopher C. Hood
Helen Z. Margetts
2007 Yes
The Understand is to Invent Jean Piaget Yes
The Universities and the National Framework of Qualifications Yes
The Universities Project "Globalization and the University" 1999 Yes
The Universities Project "Globalization and the University" 1999 Yes
The University as res publica Sjur Bergan 2004 Yes
The university as res publica Sjur Bergan 2004 Yes
The University from Acient Greece to the 20th Century Glanzs Patterson 1997 Yes
The Use and Abuse of History M. I. Finley 1975 Yes
The use of distance education and information and communication technologies in teacher education 2002 Yes
The Use of Performance Indicators in Higher Education Martin Cave
Stephen Hanney
Mary Henkel
Maurice Kogan
1997 Yes
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