Center for Educational Initiatives Step by Step, Sarajevo

The Center for Educational Initiatives (CEI) is a unique association of parents, teachers and other participants in the education process from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, gathered with a view to organize, realize and support educational activities and initiatives based on principles of democratic civil society. Professional staff of CEI develops and deliver training programs for participants in the education system including, among others, education experts, teachers, school directors and parents. CEI has established a network of six model training centers across Bosnia & Herzegovina, which provides for rapid information exchange and coordination of activities.

Contact: Radmila Rangelov-Jusović

Kralja Tvrtka 1, sprat 1

71000 Sarajevo, Bosna and Hercegovina               

Tel/Fax: (+387 33) 667 673    

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Institute for Social Research in Zagreb

The Institute for Social Research was founded in 1964 in Zagreb by a decision of the Council of the University of Zagreb. The main Institute activity is scientific research in the field of sociology and sociology related disciplines.

The Centre for Educational Research and Development (CERD) is a research unit within the Institute for Social Research in Zagreb, which carries out fundamental and applied research in education.

Contact: Centre for Educational Research and Development (CERD)

Institute for Social Research in Zagreb

Amruševa 11/II

10000 Zagreb


tel. 385 1 4883550, 4883552

fax. 385 1 4828910


Foundation for Education and Cultural Initiatives Step by Step, Skopje

Foundation Step by Step supports the development of open society implementing activities in the sphere of education, art, culture, publishing as well as human (children’s) rights and civil society.

Foundation leads, coordinates, participates and directly implements activities that encourage innovations, prosperity and development of kindergartens and primary schools in R. Macedonia.

According to mission, the context in which education in Macedonia exists and cooperation with other governmental and non-governmental organizations, Foundation Step by Step has started implementation of programs in the system of pre- school education, primary schools and into other educational and cultural institutions

Contact: Suzana Kirandžiska

Ul. Partizanski Odredi 72– A Mezzanine

91000 Skoplje, Makedonija

Tel: (+389 2) 3078 748

Tel/Fax: (+389 2) 3077 900

Web site:

Pedagogical Center of Montenegro, Podgorica

Pedagogical Center of Montenegro is a professional pedagogical institution which gathers eminent pedagogues of Montenegro, who tend to improve educational system of Montenegro through different projects. PCMN deals intensively with professional advanced teacher training. Introduces new models of work into the educational process, edits professional literature and textbooks, organizes national and international professional meetings, seminars, conferences, etc. In harmony with its basic aim, PCMN's main field is educational system of Montenegro. The Center was founded in order to support reforms of educational system of Montenegro, and also to help the continual process of innovating and improving that system.

Contact: Saša Milić

Bulevar Svetog Petra Cetinjskog 25/V

81000 Podgorica, Crna Gora

Tel/Fax: (+382 81) 248 668, (+382 81) 248 667

Web site: 

Centre for Education Policy, Belgrade

The mission of the Centre for Education Policy is to improve the education system in Serbia through providing professional support to the formulation of educational policies.  

The vision of CEP is a high quality, effective, efficient, open and democratic education system in Serbia which fully contributes to the development of Serbia in social, cultural, political and economic aspects.

Through multidisciplinary research, educating relevant players in the education system reform process, collecting, disseminating information and building professional human resources in the area of education, CEP provides professional support to the formulation of education policy by various decision makers. This should make the education system in Serbia higher quality, more efficient and more effective with equal opportunities for all.

Contact: Centar za obrazovne politike (COP)

Svetozara Markovića 22, IV sprat

11000 Beograd

tel/fax: (011) 32 30 105


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