Advancing Teacher Professionalism for Inclusive, Quality and Relevant Education - ATEPIE

In cooperation with the Education Support Program of Open Society Foundations (ESP/OSF), the Centre for education policy has been implementing, since September 2011, the project “Advancing teacher professionalism for inclusive, quality and relevant education” (ATEPIE).

Within this project and through regional dialogue and international cooperation, teachers have an opportunity to exchange experiences and share knowledge.

The main goal of the project is to formulate national qualification frameworks for teachers in Western Balkan countries which can act as guidelines for further changes of educational practices and the reform of educational system. Their elaboration entails engagement of decision makers in the field of education, teachers’ educators, researchers and teachers themselves. A special attention shall be given to the voice of parents and pupils, especially those from marginalized and vulnerable groups, in order to assure a truly inclusive and anti-discriminatory approach.

Besides developing national qualification frameworks, the project strives to empower teachers within the related project “International Teacher Leadership.” The project will also provide support to young researchers of South Eastern Europe and disseminate policy recommendations, proposals and education research results to relevant stakeholders in the region.

Therefore, ATEPIE is expected to extensively contribute to the professionalization of teachers in South Eastern Europe, as well as to their continuous professional development.

The project covers Western Balkans region, namely: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

Partner organizations are: Center for Educational Initiatives Step by Step (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Institute for Social Research in Zagreb (Croatia), Foundation for Education and Cultural Initiatives Step by Step (Macedonia), Pedagogical Center of Montenegro (Montenegro) and Centre for Education Policy (Serbia).

Due to project’s close connection with the project “International Teacher Leadership”, other countries have been involved as well: Albania, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Moldova, Romania, Turkey, Portugal, United Kingdom, and Spain.

The expected duration of the project is 21 months - until June 2013.

Project Team

Project Management

  • Gordana Miljević – Project Manager
  • Jelena Radišić – Expert
  • Milica Grahovac – Project Coordinator

National Qualifications Frameworks are developed through the regional dialogue and support of the internationally recognized expert.

For this purpose, National Teams and Regional Team have been established.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Radmila Rangelov Jusović – Team Leader (CV)
  • Miroslava Marjanović – National Coordinator (CV)


  • Vlasta Vizek Vidović – Project Observer/ Adviser (CV)


  • Zoran Velkovski – Team Leader (CV)
  • Suzana Kirandžiska – National Coordinator (CV)


  • Saša Milić – Team Leader (CV)
  • Nataša Gazivoda – National Coordinator (CV)


  • Jelena Vranješević – Team Leader (CV)
  • Nada Korać – National Coordinator (CV)
  • Zorica Trikić – National Coordinator (CV)

Project Support

Regional Team consists of Team Leaders, international expert and CEP representatives.